What is Moral Injury?

Moral Injury is not PTSD! Moral injury is emotion-based and is defined by feelings of guilt, anger, mistrust and despair. It is connected to other behavioral issues that are persistent and pervasive and is often associated with traumatic experiences. -Dr. Tommy Goode, Dmin

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Guitars for Veterans

Guitar for Veterans allows veterans with PTSD and moral injury to come together and express themselves through music. We meet every Monday from 14:00-15:15 at the Meyer Center at CoxHealth in Conference Room C. 

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Veterans Writing Workshop

We invite veterans, military personnel, and their family members to participate in a free writing seminar that teaches writing and narrative skills, empowering them to tell their stories. Beginners to advance writers are welcome!

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Moral Injury Institute

Moral Injury Institute exists to create a reliable, sustainable web of care, through training, advocacy, networking, and strategic initiatives for veterans and others struggling with trauma-related moral injury 




About Us

MII is building upon 3 years of experience of proving community- based initiatives that offer leadership, training, advocacy, and collaboration for a more compassionate and comprehensive response to the growing issue of trauma-related moral injury. 

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Dr. Tommy Goode, Dmin

Rev. Dr. Tommy Goode, DMin., is the president and founding director of Moral Injury Institute, Inc. For the past five years he has led a program focusing on care for military Veterans and their families, with increasing focus on trauma-related moral injury among veterans and other professional and demographic groups.


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Tommy Goode

Director of MII

Mailing Address

PO Box 2602,

Springfield MO 65801


Tommy Goode, DMin, Director


Call or Text (417)860-3471